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What are synonyms for KVP? (a) focal-spot selector, (b) step-up transformer, (c) line compensator, (d) mA selector, and the (e) major kVp selector? [5 marks] Question 4 The absorption of x-rays in a patient occurs via the photoelectric effect, which produces an electron and a photon. Describe this absorption process in about three sentences (perhaps with a diagram). KVP flew to New Delhi on Monday to apprise Congress president Sonia Gandhi of " the mood of the people and party workers". KVP's hand rocks the Andhra political cradle Luckily for him, there is KVP Ramachandra Rao for support. Study Circuitry flashcards from vanessa De Palafox's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app.

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5. Rotate the exposure time selector switch (I) to the desired time setting. 6 Lead AC is the common of the major kvp selector switch and connects to one side of the 0.375 Ω (3/8 Ω) damping resistor. A portion of this resistor is shunted by 2. Set the kVp selector switch to the desired voltage. Adjust the kVp meter as a reference for the desired kVp setting. 3.

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Kvp selector

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Kvp selector

Adjust them according to the manufacturer's instructions. When you find the mA and kVp settings that give the best results, enter them on a … 2019-01-06 major kVp-selector usually adjusts in increments of 10 kVp, whereas the minor kVp-selector adjusts in increments of 1-2 kVp. Therefore, if the major kVp-selector were. provided with eight steps and the minor with ten steps, it would yield a possibility of 80. different values. (3) The contactor is used to close and open the primary high-tension Technique selector for selection of Radiographic mA, kvp selector from 30 to 85 & Time Selector for selection of Radiation time, Standby & Exposure switches.

Kvp selector

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Kvp selector

Flow Cell Selector is an Excel work sheet that allows you to check the flow velocity on prism and select the best suited flow cell options for your application. MAKING A kVp VARIABLE X-RAY EXPOSURE CHART.

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O) KILOVOLT meter – Pre-reading meter, which indicates selected peak tube potential (kVp). This meter also serves as an indicator of line voltage POWER SUPPLY: Tube Voltage • Regulated by autotransformer • High voltage is required between the anode and cathode – give electrons sufficient energy to generate X-rays • Kilovolt peak (kVp) selector – adjusts the autotransformer • Boosts the peak voltage of the incoming line current (110 – 220 V) up to 60,000 to 100,000 V (60 to 100 kV) • Energy: 60 to 100 keV - sufficient to 220, it moves to the autotransformer, or the kVp selector. The autotransformer has a single winding and sends voltage to the filament and high voltage circuit. The autotransformer, also called the variable transformer, works using alternating current, is self-inducting, and has only one wire and one core. Voltage from wall to line monitor, Line monitor to Autotransformer & Line compensator, Autotransformer & Line compensator to Major/Minor kVp selector, Major/Minor kVp selector to kVp meter, kVp meter to timing circuit and mA selector, timing circuit and mA selector to High Voltage section, High Voltage section (Focal-spot selector) to mA meter, then finally to X-ray tube. what is the major kvp selector job?